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Our work is appreciated by thousands of people who trust and recommend us

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Making good relationships beautiful

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Our clients love their tattoos

Our work is appreciated by thousands of people who trust and recommend us

''I love my tattoo so much that I can't even describe. Thanks for the great work and I'm ready for my second tattoo and maybe another piercing. Thanks.''

Scarlett Sanders


''Got my tattoo and I love how it came out. Details are amazing. Everyone is so friendly & such a welcoming environment for a first tattoo.''

Charles Hicks


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Meet our artists

Mark West

Specializes in black and gray realism. Originally from New York. Mark specializes in photorealistic black and gray with dynamic composition.

Steven Pierce

Specializes in illustrative fine art in color & black and gray. Steven has achieved great success making tattos for very known celebrities in hip hop space.

Lisa Riley

Specializes in single needle and fine line. Lisa started her career as a tattoo artist in Canada. Now she's one of the best artists in the world.

About us

We're a team of three professioanlly trained and certified people. We do tattoos every single day so you can be sure that we have a demand from people. Our tattoo salon is located on Kingston Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11213. 

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Our Location

Kingston Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11213

Phone number

888 777 333

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Our work is appreciated by thousands of people who trust and recommend us

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Commonly asked questions

Does getting a tattoo hurt?

It does hurt but it's not that painful to be honest. But once it's done you will have an amazing tattoo on your body. Most of the clients afterwards say that pain wasn't that bad.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Yes, walk ins are welcome and will be addressed on a first come first serve basis. Please give us a call beforehand for availability. Artists are not always available for walk ins.

Will you tattoo someone under 18?

No. We will absolutely not tattoo anyone under 18, even with the presence of a legal guardian.

What are your prices?

Our tattos start from $100 and piercings from $50 and up. Price depends on a tattoo sizes and complexity.

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