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I am a lesbian influencer who creates on the topic of LGBTQ+ advice and education (I do some fun skits too!). If you would like to see some fun and educational videos twice per week, check out my YouTube channel! I have helped many people feel comfortable with who they are and I want to do the same for you! See you in my next video!

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About Me

Hello you beautiful human! I am Xanthe van der Gulik and I am a lesbian content creator. I strive to spread positivity and love throughout the world. My goal is to help others go through tough times and make them feel like they have a community that is always there for them.

I created a YouTube channel in 2015, then kind of left it alone until 2020. when the year started, my goal was to find something I loved to do that also helps others, and by the time it was the new year, I had over 300 subscribers! I had gotten so many wonderful comments and support for my channel and so I decided to create an online clothing store to spread the love.

If you want your own Beautiful Human Merch, check out my store HERE!

If you would like even more support from myself and others, check out my Beautiful Human Community HERE so you can become a member and instantly feel connected!

I love you so very much, and I will see you in my next VIDEO!

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